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Business Management

吳聲銘 group leader    ext. 3210

Business agent : 林淵智 老師

1. The class refers to the performance appraisal of a group of employees.

2. The lesson refers to a group of laws and regulations research and processing.

3. The implementation of the whole class plan for the annual school celebration activities.

4. The annual club cadre workshop.

5. The annual mid-term plan, work report, and practice school news compilation case.

6. General planning and implementation of community evaluation (this school, the whole country).

7. To undertake the relevant business of the comprehensive extracurricular activities group instructed by the superior.

E-mail : shengming@g2.usc.edu.tw

林淵智 老師    ext. 3211

Business agent : 劉惠均老師

1. Community Guidance:

(1) Service associations.

(2) Academic societies.

(3) The Drum Art Legacy Team.

(4) Student associations for further education.

2. Assist in the implementation of school celebration activities.

3. Processing and recording of class meeting record book.

4. Symposium of class representatives.

5. Guidance on the cleanliness of the office environment of student associations.

6. Planning, distribution and management of the community office.

7. Community classroom management, control, maintenance.

8. The lesson refers to a group of web page management and maintenance.

9. Implementation and planning of club admissions week.

10. Volunteer services and other related businesses.

11. Temporary assignments.

E-mail : 105174@g2.usc.edu.tw

劉惠均 老師    ext. 3212

Business agent : 張紫琦老師

1. Community Guidance:

(1) Student Union.

(2) The Student Council.

(3) The Day Ministry Bilian Association.

(4) Department of the Society.

2. The allocation, implementation, consolidation, and settlement of the Ministry of Education's educational and auxiliary funds.

3. The Ministry of Education's overall award subsidy (society equipment purchase, technical instructor fees) will be implemented.

4. Signing and handling of the establishment of the association and the suspension of the association.

5. Execution and coordination of related operations of the National Salvation Mission.

6. The class refers to the management and write-off of a group of working students.

7. The class refers to the custody, maintenance and management of a group of office equipment.

8. Compilation of the list of club cadres and issuance of certificates.

9. Assist in the implementation of school celebration activities.

10. Executing and coordinating related operations of the Youth Development Agency of the Ministry of Education.

11. The lesson refers to the research and processing of a group of laws and regulations.

12. Temporary assignments.

E-mail : milk@g2.usc.edu.tw

張紫琦 老師    分機 3213

Business agent:林淵智 老師

1. Community Guidance:

(1) Comprehensive societies.

(2) Physical fitness clubs.

(3) Recreational associations.

(4) Goodwill service team.

2. On-campus scholarship business (including scholarship regulations and meeting implementation).

3. Off-campus scholarship business.

4. Aboriginal scholarships.

5. Postgraduate scholarships and bursaries are distributed, compiled, printed and collected, and filled in.

6. Qualification review and write-off of tutors and technical tutors of student associations.

7. General matters concerning the application and write-off of funds for the student assembly, as well as the preparation and execution of the event.

8. Class refers to a group of official documents to sign, distribute and log in.

9. Aboriginal resource center business (including planning of aboriginal associations).

10. Assist in the implementation of school celebration activities.

11. Temporary assignments.

E-mail : 111046@g2.usc.edu.tw


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