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Introduction to The Group

►Member introduction:

This group has 1 leader and 3 team members.

►Main business introduction:

  1. Handle school celebration business.
  2. Tutoring Student Union, Student Council, Bilian Association, Liaison Association and all societies.
  3. Guide the school to organize and practice the university goodwill service team.
  4. Handle community equipment procurement and funding applications.
  5. Conduct training for club officers.
  6. Selection of club tutors and technical tutors.
  7. Student assembly related business.
  8. On-campus and off-campus scholarship business.
  9. The class meeting record book is consolidated.
  10. Temporary assignment of business.

►Location of this group:

This group is located on the 1st floor of Building G of our school.

►Contact us:


Counter               ext. 02-2538-1111 ext.3214

吳聲銘主任   ext.3210                                                      shengming@g2.usc.edu.tw

林淵智老師   ext.3211                                                     105174@g2.usc.edu.tw

饒家瑞老師   ext.3212                                                     101213@g2.usc.edu.tw

劉惠均老師   ext.3213                                                     milk@g2.usc.edu.tw

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